Keep on rocking in the free world

If Nintendo has any sense they should lock up Harmonix to develop exclusively for the Revolution. Guitar Hero is a perfect example of what Nintendo keeps preaching - difference is Harmonix is practicing it, not developing baseball games with the main character from Amplitude. I resisted Guitar Hero for a while, thinking the extra price might not be worth it, but I gave in last week. That game is super-fun, and I'm still only scratching the surface (just unlocked the third batch of songs on medium).

I've been humming "Smoke on the Water" or "I Love Rock & Roll" to myself for a couple of days now - which is totally the game's fault. I've even contemplated an iTunes run to make a few purchases. That game needs a soundtrack CD or iMix playlist (but the list is missing a few tracks due to iTunes selection issues.)

Years ago Dana Carvey had a stand-up routine where he made fun of the faces guitar players make as they play. I was fairly appalled to realize that I make those same faces when a song in GH starts kicking my ass. I have no explanation why - don't know if it's culturally ingrained or something more complex. Biting my lip doesn't surprise me, that's something I do to avoid sticking my tongue out when I'm concentrating - and I know the tongue thing is genetic going back at least two generations. After finishing the Easy songs and starting in on Medium though I realized I wasn't just biting my lip - I was doing full on rocker faces. Very troubling. I've either got to stop doing that or grow rocker hair and buy some snakeskin pants. I'm pretty sure if I do that Karin will make me get a real job again :-(

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