Thank goodness for GameFly!

So we're well into the Christmas 2005 Onslaught in gaming land. I've got GTA for my PSP, I've got Civ IV (Oh my goodness - I lost all of Friday and Saturday to Civ IV and had to institute strict quarantines on it to get any work done whatsoever.), and this week is the release of Ravnica, the new card set in Magic Online. Mario Kart hits DS in a couple of weeks, Animal Crossing is in early December and it's just so much stuff to play!

On that note, without GameFly I would have likely bought Shadow of the Colossus. And if I had bought it I'd probably still be trying to convince myself it was a good purchase. But I didn't, I rented it from GameFly instead. That means I can fight the first two battles and say to myself "Meh. It's OK, but the camera sucks, the horse riding is just annoying and it's not really that fun. It supports widescreen and progressive scan, but it still looks like crap with all those moire-tastic textures. ICO got away with the shimmering textures because the light bloom was innovative then. Now it's just another lens flare - everybody has it."

So it goes back into the envelope and back to GameFly. I'll try out Incredible Hulk next, and I know I'm behind the curve on that one, but it just never made it to the top of the queue somehow.

If anybody out there who reads this bought Civ IV and wants to try some multiplayer let me know :-)

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