Let's save some daylight already

I've always been very sensitive to light. I wouldn't say I get Seasonal Affective Disorder or anything, but I like a nice dose of sunshine. One of the big draws of the working from home is that I can reach out and touch the large window in my office.

It seems like it's taking longer and longer to get any useful sun these days. It is still completely dark when Karin leaves in the morning. According to Senor Weatherdock sunrise is at 7:22 today, but it will be cloudy, so it's going to be early afternoon before we see some good light.

I would have said a just a week or two ago I had morning sunlight blasting through the blinds and straight into my retinas during morning cofffee/email/web. Now I've got two lights on in my office, and only milky, crudddy gray light is outside.

I'm always surprised when Daylight Saving Time kicks in, so I say out with the PDT and in with the PST. But we've got another week. And in 2007 they add another week!