Chuckle, snort

The highly recommended Wonderland had a reference to UK Resistance today, where I found this which I found funny (and also emailled to some folks).

Browsing around the site I found this and this. I'm going to talk about them in the next paragraph so go there first if you want to avoid spoilers.

I thought the PS3 was grinworthy, nothing spectacular. But for some reason the thought that 360 would see EA bring a separate shooter for every year of the war made me giggle for about a minute. Then I noticed "1946: After the War" and "1947: Return to War" and had a second giggle fit. Just as I recovered from that, I saw that the list wasn't all shooters. Way at the bottom is wacky Ubisoft with "Trenchfoot Pete" as a platformer. Try as they might to cash on in the WWII FPS thang, they are just too French to pull it off!

Ahh, that's just classic.