I wouldn't quite call it a New Year's Resolution, but I decided this year I wanted to stay a bit more creative - and particularly a little more engaged with the world around me (as opposed to the virtual worlds of gaming/coding/hacking I can turn internal and focus on so easily). So I decided one aspect of that was I wanted to seriously start taking some pictures. The result is a separate blog - which I call Pic-A-Day (well I call it Pic_A_Day - damn programmer semantics :-)) Actually this is why I upgraded Movable Type on New Year's Day - so I had better picture uploading capabilities.

I figured I'd run it for a week, and if I was happy with the result then I'd publish the link. Sadly it was around the week mark when I got terribly sick and didn't post for three days. And during that hiatus we found out that comments were broken, so I didn't want to announce it during that mess. And I just got that fixed yesterday, but didn't actually take a picture yesterday (well, I did snap a picture, but I didn't process and post it.) so I couldn't announce yesterday. But here we are and I posted today, so this is the grand unveiling. You can access it at Pic_A_Day. It has a RSS feed available - I haven't patched a comments feed in, but I will soon.

I'll also adjust this page's templates so it has the link available.

So to review - it's a totally separate blog (technically a photoblog). It has it's own RSS feed (on it's page), separate from here. I might cross-link posts sometimes if I want to get all wordy. We'll see.