Service Outage - Just Faking!

*sigh* So Mr. Murphy - we meet again. It's possible that somebody noticed HiddenJester was down yesterday and figured I was doing the aforementioned upgrade. Well I was trying but ultimately it didn't happen.

As near as I can tell the CD-ROM drive in the box running the web server is dying. I carefully backed up several gigs of data yesterday, checked it twice, and triumphantly stuck the first Fedora Core 2 CD in and rebooted. To be somewhat nonplussed when it rebooted off the hard drive. :-( In fact, I couldn't even read any of those 5 CD's on scribe (the machine in question). Mind you, I used these exact same discs to upgrade the router PC a couple of weeks ago - so they aren't coasters. Indeed 3 out of 4 PCs I tried can read them. But fine - I'll try burning another set

The new disc 1 can be read, so I rebooted again - but no joy. Some more messing around, and I finally decide that it's really SLOW to read, and I think it times out during a boot process.

I tried a CD-RW version (just mainly to try another brand of media), and it boots! Woot! Strange, but fine. Until it locked up later. I tried it twice more, and it locked up with read errors but in two different places. Of course this is July 4th, so I probably can't get a new drive anywhere.

The good news is that I hadn't touched the HD yet, so I just rebooted scribe, and let it resume business as usual with the old Red Hat install. I'll probably get a DVD drive for it today and try to do the upgrade again next weekend.