It's all about the storage, baby

"I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle." - Arthur Dent

So my Xbox is dying. Specifically the hard drive appears to be corrupting game saves. In the last couple of weeks I've lost both my Vice City and my Riddick saves. Since a new Xbox is only $150 I severely doubt it's worth trying to get it fixed. Although . . . I wonder if I can get a new HD and install it myself. Only tricky bit is finding a tool to format it.

Anyway, between that and the Vaio croaking, I'm feeling a bit leery about technology these days.

On the plus side - it turns out that 2.5" IDE drives use a fairly standard connector. You need an adapter cable to plug one into a desktop, but I found a place to mail order them from. So I anticipate being able to plug the Vaio's drive into my desktop and grabbing all my files before shipping it off for repairs.