'Dis Gaea? Youse talkin' about 'dis HERE Gaea?

Bwana asks for more about Disgaea, although under confused pretences. (Weezie has not played Disgaea. We had an email thread back when it originally came out where we discussed it's hard to find nature, and he talked about buying copies for later EBayage - maybe that's where the confusion arises.)

Anyway, I can talk about it some more - the obvious caveat is that I haven't played through all that much of it, and so it's not a review of the whole game. It's very much a "tactical RPG" in the Final Fantasy:Tactics vein. You have a group of characters who possess various classes, stats, and skills. You equip them with stuff and then send them out into turn-based combat. This advances the story and generates experience and money to buy more stuff. Rinse and repeat. It's in 3D but you can only rotate the camera in 90 degree increments and there are two preset zooms. The camera is static enough that presorting geometry is certainly feasible - although on a PS2 I doubt they need that.

The story is unusual and told with a nice touch of humor. You start out as a prince of the Netherworld who's been asleep for two years (I have no idea if they explain why later). In the meantime, the King (your father) was killed and the nobles have begun to fight for control of the Netherworld. You set out to reclaim your birthright, kicking whatever ass that takes. The story has a fair amount of snappy dialogue and even seems to have survived translation pretty well. (The voice dubbing is slightly annoying - but I've heard a lot worse.) It's broken into "episodes" (I'm currently partway through Episode 2) and my favorite bit of humor so far was the anime-style "In the next episode" teaser at the end of episode 1. I dug around on the web and found the script for that little bit. (Duh - this is a spoiler. Think people! :-))

Etna - Finally, the time has come for Prince Laharl to pay for all his evil
Laharl - Hey...
Etna - Now, Etna will fulfill the late prince