You know what would be cool?

I'm about halfway through watching Seven Samurai (those of you hyper-familiar with my domestic details will know a joke about that - more later), and I had an idea for a video game that I really want to see. The thing that struck me is the scope. Imagine an entire video game set in one little agrarian town . . . each mission is protecting it against bandits during various seasons, in various conditions. I think video games are a dialog between the designers and the players. If they both agreed to carry on that entire dialog in a small setting, it would be a setting that both sides agreed to learn about and love. You can destroy that bridge, but those two houses and the mill will be lost. In the scale of a Warcraft III, nobody cares. Burn 'em! But if that means evicting the Smiths, and losing the easy production of flour . . . now we're talking sacrifice. I want to play that game. Somebody should make it! :-)