Hrrmm. Spam Trickle Continues

I've got a theory as to why some of the older links are acquiring spammers, but I'm not going to share on this forum :-) Today there was another spam on the "Great Electronica" post so I closed comments on it. Seems unlikely that somebody is going to comment on it at this time. This will be my new policy - if a topic starts getting spam I'll close comments on it. If we start having spam on new threads where active conversations are afooot . . . well I'll worry abou that when it happens.

So if you see something you'd like to comment on and comments are closed I'd encourage you to send me a note - I can always reopen comments. I've only ever chosen to close comments on one post - so any closed comments are likely an anti-spam measure as opposed to some attempt to shut down dialog.

I believe I can get a plug-in that automatically closes comments on older posts. Ultimately I'll probably get that going on, but that's probably post MT upgrade.