Weekend in SF

So I hope all my illustrious readers had a good weekend. :-) Karin and I went into the city on Saturday, and much fun was had. We were primarily there to see the Lamplighters performance of HMS Pinafore, but we went in early so we could also spend some time at SF MOMA, and have dinner at Thirsty Bear. Karin and I really enjoyed Pinafore, the absurdism of Gilbert and Sullivan always appeals to me, and the theater at Yerba Buena is a nice venue, with good acoustics and seat layout. And Thirsty Bear had the 2002 barleywine in cask conditioned format! Woot!

MOMA was cool, I was primarily interested in seeing Supernova which is an exhibit focussing on art from the 90's drawn from a private collection. While there were several pieces I liked, I was pleasantly suprised to find that I actually enjoyed the Pirkle Jones and the Changing California Landscape exhibit more. Pirkle Jones took some really nice pictures of SF, and the look at California over the last 40 years or so was pretty cool. I was disappointed that they didn't have prints of some of the pictures in the store, there were some really nice shots of the Bay I'd have liked to have in my cubicle at work. There was also a very interesting series about when the state flooded Berryessa Valley to create a lake.

Supernova had some of the usual "Look it's a medicine cabinet - but with MEDICINE IN IT!" that I tend to dismiss, but there were some nice sculptures and several paintings I liked. My favorites were Gray Wave by Inka Essenhigh and the couple of pieces by Takashi Murakami.

This weekend a show at Yerba Buena opens about art using computer games as a medium that sounds pretty interesting. Hopefully I'll go check that out in a few weeks and report back :-)