Goodbye Heisenberg

One of my favorite things I've written here involved Heisenberg reminding me to stay in the moment. Back in 2010 I teared up a little while writing "remind myself that he won't be here ten years from now" and I'm crying now as I write this because Monday afternoon we had to put him to sleep. It's been a long time since he's been truly healthy and we had a real scare with him back in January but he bounced back and seemed to be doing OK for a while and was happy and affectionate. This past weekend he just sort of started … shutting down. I was denying it through Sunday night but by Monday morning he couldn't even stand up and I had to admit that things were bad. I took him to the Cat Hospital but they couldn't do anything for him.

He had a good life, he was almost seventeen years old, and Karin and I both got to hold him and say goodbye as he left. It was about the best ending I could have imagined for him but he's still my little guy and I miss him terribly.

I had to change my desktop wallpaper because this picture still chokes me up to look at. For now. But it's one of my favorite pictures of the little doofus and someday I'll be able to treasure it without the tears. For now I'll just leave it here as a bit of tribute where I can share it but not see it constantly.

Goodbye Heisenberg. We love you and we will always miss you.

Heisenberg with a Windowsill

Heisenberg with a Windowsill