Road Trip 1.1 is Available

Did you get a shiny new iPhone 5? Well, an elongated version of Road Trip awaits you in the App Store! Support your favorite independent iOS developer by picking up a copy. If you've purchased it already then thank you and be sure to get the update.

If you do buy (or bought previously! Even if you rated 1.0 you can rate each version separately. Annoying but true.) a copy please take a moment to at least rate the app. I know, I know, I hate app developers begging for ratings as much (and probably more) than most people but it really does make a huge difference to sales. It amounts to the only marketing that can be done inside the App Store proper and Apple uses that data to drive how visible it is in search results and category lists. Version 1.0 never got enough ratings to display an aggregate and now that 1.1 is in the wild the review count is reset back to zero. I won't put a begging dialog in the app but I'm not above asking for ratings on the blog …

(If you're new around these parts you can read my story about developing Road Trip.)

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