Bring me your comments, yearning to be free!

In the comments thread over on the X-Com post Tony mentioned that there was an annoying CAPTCHA that you had to pass in order to post a comment. I don't see that because I have an account on the site so I'm not considered an anonymous commenter. I can't find a setting to turn off the CAPTCHA but I can have up to 250 accounts on my current plan. I can make accounts that let you login and post comments without hassling about who you are. Tony beta–tested this and it seems to work well. However, what I can't provide on my current plan is a form where you sign up for an account. So. We don't' see a ton of traffic on this blog and I suspect I can keep up with requests for accounts. If you'd like to post a comment drop me a line and I'll get you squared away. If you don't have an email address for me there's a form in the sidebar on the right that you can use to contact me.

I should note that I'm not doing anything to remove the old "anonymous" comment system, so if you're posting a one-off comment and would prefer to use that go ahead. It just turns out that if you're likely to make multiple comments over time that it's a bit friendlier to get an account here and avoid the rigamarole. It's a new option, not a replacement of the old system.