Carpe Diem, the Cat Version

One of the stranger artifacts of working from home is that Heisenberg has decided that I should throw his little ratty ball-toy down the hall at least four or five times every day. He has a special little cry that amounts to "Hey, come play with me" that he often makes while holding the ball in his mouth to get my attention. What's funny is that he makes the same call sometimes when he just wants me to watch him play with the ball and doesn't actually want me to do anything. Sometimes I can just talk to him about what he's doing and sometimes I need to come throw the ball myself. I haven't been able to figure out the difference so far.

My first reaction is sometimes to be annoyed and to say "Hey I'm working here". It takes a conscious effort to remind myself that he won't be here ten years from now and I won't care about what esoteric Python feature I was reading about, but that I will remember the two minutes I took aside to play with one of my cats. Which is weird because I'm used to thinking that Heisenberg is a stupid little idiot but sometimes he reminds me that I can learn from him. Speaking of which I hear him calling now. I'd better go throw that scruffy little ball of junk down the hall for him while I have that privilege.

Heisenberg lies down