Photo Credit

One of my photos from this summer was selected to use in an online tour guide for San Francisco. It is one of my better photos I think (it's actually my current desktop photo on my main monitor). It's not anything that I get paid for or anything but I do get credited which is pretty cool. The site that used it is called Schmap and they do guides for a variety of cities.

They used one of my shots from Sausalito as a reference for a place called "Sausalito Bay Adventures" which is actually in San Francisco and I didn't take the photo from a boat so I'm not convinced it's a fantastic fit, but whatever. I guess you could see a very similar view from a powerboat if you sailed it across it across the Bay and looked back. Anyway, you can see the image on their site if you'd like.

One day I'll process the rest of the photos sitting in my "to be processed" folder in Aperture. :-)