This is either shameless or brilliant

This just landed in my mailbox:

Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11, 2008. Live from the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California

DIRECTV Package Includes:

  • Over 16 hours of crystal-clear high-definition coverage

  • Exclusive interviews and commentary

  • Main stage presentations including opening ceremony

  • Select panels featuring Blizzard Entertainment developers

  • Tournament coverage and team highlights

  • BlizzCon 2008 World of Warcraft in-game polar bear mount with mounted, flag-waving murloc

- (details here)

Yes, that's right. They are going to have BlizzCon broadcast on DirecTV Pay Per View this year. I'll admit, a tiny little part of me said "Actually that polar bear mount with the flag and the murloc is pretty sweet." Luckily that part of my brain isn't on speaking terms with the "should we spend $40 on PPV coverage of BlizzCon" deciding part of my brain.