A Little more on Subversion

I should follow up a bit on my last post. Versions did in fact fix the 1.4/1.5 issue that drove me to looking at Cornerstone in the first place. And in the comments a developer of Versions stopped by to mention that they've really improved the visibility of contact information since I first looked at their site. Lastly, somebody from Cornerstone responded to my question and told me that it doesn't support svn switch functionality. Versions doesn't either, but one key difference is Versions is a free beta, whereas Cornerstone is a 14 day trial and they are charging for version 1.0.3.

Given that, I'll probably go back to using Versions. I just got the new version and checked in some code with it, and it seemed fine. I still give them a black mark for attempting to force the svn 1.5 upgrade but they responded quickly to customer pressure and did the right thing. But more to the point - I don't think a svn client that doesn't support branching is "finished". These apps are sort of specifically vying for position based on fit and finish/polish and branching is such a core function for version control that it just seems really glaring to me. I seriously doubt Cornerstone will add branch support in the next 8 days, and when my trial license expires it will likely get deleted.

In the meantime, if you want to use svn as far as I can tell you gotta know the command line tools. Which isn't the worst thing in the world for a programmer I suppose.