Heroes on Blu-Ray!

And lo, my resistance to Heroes Season 1 on HD-DVD has been rewarded:
Marking the rollout of the studio's first global release on Blu-ray(TM) will be the "Heroes: Season Two," which will debut beginning August 26, 2008.

The highly anticipated premier of the sophomore season of NBC's "Heroes" will be buoyed by the simultaneous debut of "Heroes Season One" on Blu-ray(TM).

From thedigitalbits.com (I don't think that's a permalink, the site seems strange about that. Look for the "early update 4/17/08")

Heroes season 2 wavered a little but in the (foreshortened by strike) end it was still pretty good television. And season one was the best show of last season, in my opinion. I almost bought Heroes S01 on HD-DVD several times, and the only holdup was that I could see HD-DVD wasn't the future. Heroes S01 on Blu-Ray? Oh yes please.

Now I just need something that will rip Blu-Ray to my iPhone. Notice to hardware vendors: I'll buy a Blu-Ray drive for TinyGod as soon as this happens. For reals.