OmniFocus, WebDAV, and OS X

Long time blog readers will know that I'm an enthusiastic user for OmniFocus. My biggest outstanding issue with OmniFocus was that syncing the iPhone would take an excruciatingly long time. Lately it had gotten so bad that every couple of weeks or so the phone would power off while still syncing and eventually I'd have to delete the app and data from the phone and start all over again.

I've been syncing from MobileMe's iDisk and lately I've been noticing that iDisk was randomly really slow. I decided today to try switching OmniFocus from iDisk to a WebDAV server. I found a page with good instructions on setting up WebDAV on OS X. If you go do to do this please note two things: I'm able to use a self-signed web certificate just fine, and you should look at comment 19 about using digest authorization. I did both of these, so now OmniFocus (both the computer and phone clients) is using SSL and an encrypted password, so that's pretty nice. And the WebDAV server is inside the LAN, so syncs at hope are pretty much instant.

I've only been running this for a few hours so far but it appears to work much faster than using iDisk.