Amazon's "Daily Deal"

You know what can really fill in the "I've always meant to buy that" gaps in your music library? (Anybody who said Zune Pass get out. I'm the designated smart-ass here, damnit!) The answer I was looking for is the Amazon "Daily Deal" MP3. Last week you could get Led Zeppelin IV for $1.99, today it's Exodus by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

"But Tim," you may wail, "how do I find out the Daily Deal every day without annoying spam or what-have-you?" Oh foolish reader. Get yourself a Twitter client and follow Amazonmp3. Most days the Daily Deal is crap, but that's the cool thing about it being Daily, you can ignore it and maybe the next day it's something you want. Most days it isn't, but $2 for a full album of legal MP3's at 256k with no DRM? Even if that only works one day a month it's a steal when it happens.

If you're an iTunes user and you don't use the Amazon MP3 store, check it out. The downloader can automatically copy files into iTunes, the tracks have album art and solid meta-data. They work great on all of my devices (heck, they work on the 360, which is only true of iTunes Plus tracks)