What The?

So, it turned out that I didn't convert my web server from Linux to the Mac Mini as quickly as I would have thought. You might ask why, and this is part of the answer. I had been wanting to do a redesign of the site for a while, and more recently had decided I wanted to switch from MovableType to WordPress. We can talk more about why I wanted do that later, but this post needs to be all about business.

So there's several things that are still wrong on this version of the Post, but it's good enough to cut over. I'm missing the archives of Pic_A_Day and of the original CityDesk blog, but I'll move them later. I'm missing the BoardGameGeek and Twitter feeds (plus I want to add a Flickr feed in the sidebar.) I'm sure there's other stuff I've forgotten, but I'll move things over as I have time.

The comment system is slightly different than MovableType, users have to "register" now. That account is only on my server, so don't be super worried about any of it. I won't share your email address with anyone :-)

The last point: although all of the content came over from MovableType, the links are not the same. There's a table I can make to redirect from the old links to the new links, but it's right on the cusp of not being worth automating, or hacking WordPress to happen automatically. What currently happens is that if you hit a old MovableType link you get a 404 message and I get an email. I'll go through the emails and fix up magic redirection so the old links still work.

So if you have a bookmark to something from the old site, please hit it soonish so I can get it working again. Ideally I'd like for people to start using the NEW links, but I don't see any reason to expire the old format.

Anyway, welcome to the new blog. Help me kick the tires a bit and I'll slowly get things customized the way I want!