Budget Rock: Rock Band Officially Priced & Dated - Kotaku

Rock Band for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 will retail for a more affordable $169.99, a price that includes the game, a drum kit, the microphone and a guitar controller. MTV games blogger Stephen Totilo broke the news earlier today of the final price, also tossing us a release date bone of November 23rd, making for an extra painful Black Friday shopping experience.
Budget Rock: Rock Band Officially Priced & Dated - Kotaku

On the one hand: WOOT! And on the other hand: Black Friday? Really? Damnit! I can't remember the last day my shadow darkened a retail store on Black Friday. Guess that streak will end.

Sadly I was still holding out for Rock Band + Drum Kit bundle, but they don't seem to have announced that. I'm not sure I need a second guitar and microphone for my own home usage, where I will play Rock Band mostly solo or online. But I guess I'll break down and go ahead and preorder the big bundle. I was sorta wanting the other guitar anyway - since it has the new five-way switch.

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