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Well, DirecTV turned on the first batch of new HD channels today. You can see the whole list here. Nothing I really cared about, and actually most of it is either premium movie channels I don't have, or sports channels I don't have. (sigh) DTV has updated their stupid-non-linkable page so they show what just launched, what will launch in October, and what will launch "by end of year". SciFi and Food Network are both listed for October. Sadly the two shows I'm currently watching on SciFi (Eureka and Doctor Who) have season finales next week, so they will likely both be done before the switch is thrown. But it should be thrown before Battlestar Galactica starts back up, so I guess that's a plus.

And just for Tony here's yet ANOTHER picture of my satellite dish, this taken from my backyard. It's a little easier to see the size because that turbine and chimney are both pretty much a "standard size" so that helps see the diameter. You can click the thumbnail to see a bigger copy over on Flickr.

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