Satellite Dish

Tony asked in a comment on a previous post for photos of my new satellite dish, which I described as "even-more-ridiculous". It was cloudy and rainy over the weekend, so I didn't bother until today. The problem, which I didn't realize until I got out there and looked with a camera, is that there's no good sight line for the dish. The only really good views are probably from my neighbor's back yard. It's not really that visible from the street, and my side yard is pretty narrow which means if I shoot from there I end up shooting almost straight up and you get no scale. I took a couple of shots, but they aren't very good. Still, I said I'd post shots, so here they are:

And then, just for whatever comparison you can get, here's the older 3LNB dish, now down on the ground:

Really the dish looks OK on the roof, but when you're level with it, it's a beast. The LNB structures themselves are about the same size on both dishes if that helps any.

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