And I'm Back!

I had some doubts about my fabulous return flight planning which went like this:
  1. Wake up Friday morning in New Jersey
  2. Have parents drive me from southern New Jersey to JFK airport in New York.
  3. Fly from New York to Oakland, arriving at 7:20 PM local time.
  4. Meet Karin and go to downtown San Francisco to see Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm at the Great American Music Hall. Get there around 8:30, order dinner, and watch the show starting at 9.
  5. Get home around 1 AM local time (4 AM east coast time).
  6. Have people over for boardgames on Saturday at 3:00 PM.
  7. Sleep pretty much all day Sunday.
The obvious ridiculous step in this plan was step 4. When the plan was created I wasn't aware of the show - it turned up after I had plane tickets, travel plans and the lot. I was a little dubious about it but it was really worthwhile. It was a great show and we were about six feet from the stage, so the seats were fantastic. I didn't know anything about Paul and Storm other than they've been opening for Coulton this tour but they were quite good in their own right. I picked up their CD's (I already had the Coulton CD's from PAX) and I throughly enjoyed the show. Of course in the car ride home I pretty much just passed out but Karin was nice enough to bring my tired self home.

I just finished getting a new HR-20 MPEG-4 receiver from DirecTV installed (which required an even-more-ridiculous dish). So now I have the old HR10-250 (aka the HD TiVo) and the new HR-20 in my home theater. This means I can now record MPEG-4 signals, which is supposed to matter in maybe just a couple of days when they turn on the new satellite and we could then get Food Network and Sci-Fi in HD. Huzzah!

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