WWdN: In Exile

On the advice of commenter MrPeach, I unplugged my television, disconnected and re-connected my HDMI cable, and powered back up.I'm not entirely sure why it worked, but it did, and now I can watch the US Open in HD. All my other channels came back, too, and the offending DRM-esque error message is gone.
WWdN: In Exile

Well then. That's good news. I was assuming the problem was that he was using a HDMI cable to a non-HDCP televesion, which is likely to be how I'd hook up the HR20 when I get it. (that's how my current HDTiVo is connected right now. Well, it's slightly more complicated than that, but it's a very close approximation.) Since his tv DOES support HDCP, then it sounds like one of those handshake weirdness that HDCP seems to have. Have I mentioned how much I don't look forward to HDCP? Fucking thing doesn't work right, and it's whole purpose is really just to piss me off.

I realized last night that I couldn't hook the PS3 up without another adapter for the audio. I realized this morning that this wasn't true - I could easily run the audio straight through my receiver. In theory running in through the video scaler is good because the video scaler delays audio to match any delays introduced in video processing - hopefully preserving lip-sync. The problem is that the scaler has 2 optical and 2 coaxial audio inputs, so I bought an adapter to convert the PS3's optical output into a coax one. (Right now the HDTiVo uses HDMI for the audio, the SDTiVo is on one optical input, the 360 is on the second, and my DVD player uses a coax input. I suppose once I replace the SDTiVo with the HR20 I could hopefully use HDMI for the audio (barring HDCP fubars like the PS3 has. Grrr.) but this way I'll have some flexibility built in.

Hmm. I wonder if I could use HDMI for the PS3 AUDIO, but then run the VIDEO via component? That would be cool, but it's such a weird configuration. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 wouldn't support it.

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