Horton Hears A Who

In a comment on the last post Tony suggested that I should go with a large god name for the Mac Mini. I though that was a good one, but as I kicked it around I decided that what I really wanted an elephant. It's a file server, so the elephant appealed to me. So I've named the machine Horton after Horton Hears A Who. An elephant never forgets, don't you know? I grabbed a nice Horton image from the web and embarked on some basic setup. I got Quicksilver, installed, along with Firefox and Flock. I'm posting this from Horton - an inaugural post as it were. At the moment it's busily copying a metric ton of data from my linux box. I'll get all the files moved over, then worry about moving the software services. I might get to mail tomorrow, but I doubt it. Web probably won't happen until mid-week. Among other things in order to move the web stuff I'll need to get Ruby and MySQL running on Horton. I'm still debating about trying to upgrade to MovableType 4 as part of the move, I might go ahead and just install MT4 on Horton and then see about moving the content across.

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