I almost got to yell "Stay off my lawn!" for real to a bunch of hooligans today. Well, Karin would have yelled it first. We had just had dinner, and I was cleaning up in the kitchen, when we heard glass break and some kids hollering outside. Go outside and there's like three kids on bikes and clearly one of them has thrown a bottle down in the middle of the street. Bad move! Karin popped out the teacher voice, we both glared at them a while, and Karin made them sweep up all the glass. Truth be told I mostly had to fight down the giggles as they tried to oscillate between being bad-ass at each other, apologizing to Karin, and telling each other they were telling Mom when they got home. Which I have to say, spoiled their attempts at bad-ass-ness. Plus, what kind of kid when on a bike and poised to flee gets off the ride and starts sweeping up glass just because somebody used the teacher voice on him? Not a bad-ass one, I'll tell you that much.

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