Karin and I try to sit down and have a "movie night" on Fridays where we watch a DVD, usually from Netflix. We often make popcorn, but we don't use a silly popper or microwave popcorn or any such. No, we just make it in a quasi-old-fashioned way using the recipe from Good Eats. I haven't tried any fancy "gourmet" popcorn yet, we usually just use Orville Redenbacher's (because that's what the grocery store carries). The other day I was putting the plastic jar of popcorn away when I noticed there are instructions on the back of the label. They basically use a pot and a lid, which isn't as convenient as Alton Brown's metal bowl and vented foil technique but whatever. What bothered me was this part:

"Measure corn and oil into heavy-bottom pan or popper. Using Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavor Oil is recommended.

The bold and italics are in the original. But why would you go to all the trouble of making real popcorn and then involve "Buttery Flavor Oil"? Blecchhh!

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