Lost coming to Blu-Ray

According to Home Media Retailing Magazine, Disney representatives confirmed that one of our favorite HDTV shows, Lost, will make its Blu-ray debut day-and-date with the DVD set of season three December 11th. No word on possible HD special features or price, but we can expect more details soon

Lost: The Complete Third Season headed to Blu-ray Dec. 11 - Engadget HD

I was just saying to Karin yesterday that I'd like to own Lost, but I was only going to buy it on a HD format - preferably Blu-Ray. So yay!

This was triggered by the discussion about whether we wanted to buy Heroes Season 1. My problem there is that the August package is HD DVD. While I have a HD-DVD player (attached to the 360) I don't think right now that HD DVD will win. I'd hate to buy a TV season in HD DVD, and then later end up having season 2 come out in Blu-Ray only. A first-world problem to be sure but still, I worry about it a bit.

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