I haven't been posting much, mainly because we've been getting new windows and it's been an utter madhouse here. Even as I type, I'm on my laptop at the dining room table (because my office is all rucked up with my desk pushed away from the wall) and I've got headphones on to block out all the hammering and ruckus. Not very conducive to doing any work. But all but one of the windows is in now, so they are down to interior trim and stucco repair, hopefully that's not quite as noisy. Worst case they should finish tomorrow. And then we'll have replaced the 1968 original single-pane aluminum framed monsters with dual-pane low-e3 (basically super energy efficient) windows with working locks, and screens on ALL the windows. And a couple of rooms have larger windows now and the kitchen has a nice casement window that's much easier to open and get great ventilation across the cooktop.

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