NPD Meltdown

Having engaged in many phone, email and IM back-and-forths with various people over the NPDs, as they're generally referred to, we've decided to bring some of those often unheard discussions to light with our newest occasional feature, Monday Morning Quarterback. Our first participant, and hopefully a regular, if his schedule permits, is the Game Head himself, Geoff Keighley. We profiled the prolific Keighley last year, and we're glad to have him aboard to kick things off, pitting his BlackBerry-fueled insights against our Palm-enabled observations. Sit back, strap in, and get ready for a wild ride.

Level Up : Monday Morning Quarterback: An Armchair Analysis of Videogame Sales for April 2007

This is worth reading - it's an extensive analysis of the NPD April numbers. I've been talking about this with a few friends - Tony and I have bet riding on whether there is a PS3 price drop before sometime-in-September (the exact date is a little fluid) among other conversations. The cheap takeaway is that A) PS3 sales are miserable, and B) the Wii continues to sell monstrously despite a software lineup that isn't much deeper than the PS3. Then there's the software list - dominated by the PS2.

There's no real way to look at these numbers that seem healthy, especially for third party publishers. They've already abandoned PS2, they've bet against the wacky Wii controller, and suddenly the "next-gen" market isn't really here. Oopsie!

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