Giving the Lost Writers Some Credit

I wanted to chirp again about Lost. The last few episodes have really been packed with "Ahh, that's cool!" moments for me. Specifically the Others have gone from being just crazy bogeyman fucking around with people's lives, through the bizarre Leave-It-Beaver suburb, and now suddenly have motivation that makes sense. Taking all the kids? Kidnapping Claire? There really was a single plot thread that made it all make sense.(The next paragraph will have some mid-season 3 spoilers.)Furthermore, the science is at least passingly plausible (for the Others - I'm not prepared to weigh in on the smoke monster yet). But imagine for a moment that the DHARMA Iniative found some way (perhaps carried in a retrovirus?) to greatly strengthen the auto-immune response and suppress cancer. This would fit with their overt humanitarian program. But strengthen the auto-immune system too much and the mother's body will kill a fetus. Now, I'm making a lot of that up, and it still doesn't explain all the faith vs. science elements of the show, but it does tie Ben's cancer together with all of the actions the Others have taken.I mainly wanted to just make a quick tip of the hat to the writers. We discussed whether they knew what the hell was going on about two months ago and at the time I said I didn't see any real reason to assume they didn't. Now that it's been proven that at least one major plot did make sense, and did have an overall direction for three seasons now, I'm even more inclined to give them credit that they know what is going on in some of the others.Compare and contrast with Battlestar Galactica which just fell apart after a season and a half. I felt Lost drifted a bit in season two and the pacing of season three was unfortunate (with the "mini-series" six eps., then the hiatus, then the return), but after the damn spider episode things have really picked up.

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