Corporate Hijinks

My mail over the past few days has brought ill tidings.

First up: Ticketmaster. I know I'm supposed to hate Ticketmaster, and yes the fees do seem excessive. On the other hand, they let me buy concert tickets from my desk with a cup of coffee in hand, and I quite like that. Karin and I got tickets to see the Police in June, which I'm very excited about.

Yesterday Ticketmaster sent me this email explaining how I could scalp my tix through Ticketmaster. I did the "TicketFast" thing where they email you a PDF file with barcodes as the tickets. You print the barcodes and take them to the venue where they scan them and let you in. Well Ticketmaster figured out they could broker me selling my tickets, then they could invalidate my barcodes and print new ones for whoever buys them. They are very careful to couch it in terms of "if you can't go, pass your tickets on", but still - they want me to scalp my tickets and they are happy to help (for a small piece of the action of course).

That's bad Ticketmaster, no biscuit.

The other email was this morning I got a note saying that Best Buy is buying Speakeasy. Apparently they are doing this because they want the VOIP unit for some Best Buy business sales business, but still . . . I can't believe that Best Buy isn't going to ultimately screw up SpeakEasy. Bleargh.

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