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So I was gonna blog about reading some Christopher Moore books recently, but I discovered that I did blog about him here. Which is handy, because I was trying to remember how I found Chritopher Moore in the first place. Hey thanks for the historical info Tim-from-the-past. I'll totally go put the keys beside the police station for you!

Anyway, Amazon a while back had wanted to me buy You Suck at some crazy 30% discount. I meant to, but I was vaguely aware it was a sorta-sequel to another book I hadn't read, and we were hip-deep in Christmas stuff so I was busy anyway and so on. Then Karin went to the bookstore and brought home a copy of Bloodsucking Fiends that she had gotten on a sale table. So I told her "y'know that's a sequel right?" (Yeah I was confused. And now my overly literal chronological nature has passed the confusion onto you! Here at HiddenJester we work in confusion WHOLESALE!) So once that got all straightened out I ordered You Suck, as well as A Dirty Job - one part Amazon's "Buy this with that" program and one part because I already had that on my "to-buy" list. Which turns out AGAIN to be serendipitous because the two recent books overlap a bit. So my suggestion is to A) read these books, and B) read them in this order: Bloodsucking Fiends, A Dirty Job, and lastly You Suck.

Christopher Moore is an odd author. To my mind he is clearly writing science fiction - there are angels, vampires, people who can control whales, etc. (not all in the same book thank goodness), but he's not in the SF section. I think the literary fiction people would call it "magical realism, but as far as I can tell "magical realism" just means "this is sci-fi or fantasy but we want to read it so it's something different". But his books are light fun, so I can put down the chip about him not being filed properly in the Sci-Fi ghetto and just read them.

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