Twelve is the new Forty-Two. Which was the new Five.

Am I the last person around to realize that in Battlestar Galactica there were twelve human tribes (ignore the thirteenth for a second) and there are twelve humanoid cylon models? (I should also note that I originally posited it was only twelve models, which would have counted the Centurions, the Raiders, the Basestars, and the Resurrection Ships; but it's clear now that the count is supposed to be twelve humanoid models.)

The whole "twelve tribes" thing hasn't really gotten much play - it's not terribly clear what the tribes were/are to the humans.

Why is this significant (and why did it occur to me while watching tonight's episode)? It bridges a gap between the monotheistic faith of the Cylons and the polytheism of the humans. They both seem to impart mystical significance to the number twelve (although it's not clear to me that all the Cylons see the "Final Five" as mythological/sacred).

Hmmm - I hit Wikipedia to see what they had to say, and from there linked to a Battlestar Wiki and noticed that in the Religion page they list the known Lords of Kobol - there are seven of them. Seven known Lords, seven known Cylons? Or am I being overly conspiracy minded?

One last observation, getting back to the oddball thirteenth tribe. If I'm right and there is a connection that means there aren't twelve Cylon models - there will be thirteen.

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