I have seen the Lite!

So this DS Lite? Holy crap, it doesn't even look like the same console. While I was out and about today I stopped in at a Target to check out a demo unit. I knew it was smaller and I knew the screens were brighter, yadda, yadda. But this isn't just a matter of brightness, the colors seem about twice as saturated, no kidding. And you know how the lower screen (the one with the touch screen) on a DS is sort of muddy and rainbow-y ? Not so on the DS Lite. I fully expected to say "Yeah, whatever." like when the GB Micro came out. Instead I bought two. (And on the stupid "There are shortages! Oh my! You should have pre-ordered one." theme I'll note that Target had a stack of them, no bundling, no attempts to sell me an extended warranty, just two units, a game (Tetris DS for the summer-bound girl of the house) and we're outta here.)

Target seems to be a much better game store than EB or Gamestop these days. A sad comment but true.

Anyway, if you have DS games you play I highly recommend a DS Lite. The screens are like PSP-level clear and saturated (although still lower res). It's an amazing difference. Remember when the GBA SP came out and the GBA looked all shoddy? It's that level of difference (in my case I'd say the DS-DS Lite difference was greater than the GBA-GBA SP difference, but that's only because I had installed an Afterburner light pipe in my GBA.)