Quattro de Mayo!

I imagine most everyone has seen this, but somebody at Lucas Films figured out we'd want the original Star Wars films. Who knew? So this fall you can buy each film in a 2 DVD set for only $30. The sets include both versions of the film and will look so nice right next to that copy of the "Special Edition" version that we all bought last year. (sigh) Still, better now than never. I'm not sure I feel a burning need for the original version of Empire and Jedi - I'll have to review what they changed. My favorite part is this though:

This new set of DVDs does not constitute "George changing his mind," Lucasfilm's Jim Ward told USA Today.

Because we all know that George has had one single vision throughout the process and has never changed his mind. Right? Right.

So now that we're a month into the web serial I'm curious to hear what people think about the pacing and frequency. At the moment the deal is I post around one thousand words a week and I'm trying to get an old pulp-style cliffhanger at the end of each chunk. Are they too long? Too short? Is once a week too slow, too fast? What do people think? Has everyone quit reading it because of the whole Sgt. Riker name discussion? Let me know.