Fünftens von Mai

Sky One is remaking The Prisoner starring Christopher Eccleston (who is currently playing Doctor Who on Sci-Fi, or played him LAST year if you leave on the eastern side of the pond.) I'm torn. On the one hand I think remakes are almost always a bad idea. On the other hand, I'll admit Eccleston is a great choice for Number Six.

Which reminds me, has anybody compared an episode of Doctor Who on Sci-Fi to the BBC original version? I understand they are making edits to allow for commercials, but I'm hearing some rumors that the edits are significant. I guess the big question is if I should either crank up ye' old BitTorrent or simply wait until July and watch the DVD version. In particular there is a recurring theme of the symbol "Bad Wolf" showing which is relevant at the end of the season and it's getting edited out of several episodes in the Sci-Fi version. And I'll also note that I'm not watching tonight's episode until next week. I believe it is the first of a two-parter.

David Louis Edelman has a great writeup of what Empire Strikes Back means to to a certain demographic. Worth reading.

Did everyone who wants to try out the Loco Roco demo for PSP? If you need explanations on how to download it (or the controls) drop me a line and I'll give some pointers. Basically it's a Japanese demo but it runs on any PSP with the 2.70 firmware. I have to give it a firm "eh" myself. First off, the Japanese music must go. It's "claw out your own eardrums J-Pop happy". Second of it's kind of neat but I find some jumps in it to be very frustrating. My problem is that you can tilt the world but you have no real feeling for how close you are to the extent (you can't spin the world around 360 degrees, and there's no artificial horizon that shows how close you are to the limits.) Seriously though, if it comes out in the US with that music? I seriously don't think I could stand it.

Everyone have a good weekend!