Where's Waldo?

Ok so I admit, posts are still spotty.  I've been in media sponge mode - the 360 stuff and a bunch of books and podcasts. My podcast backlog had gotten immense and it's taken a lot of intense listening and pruning to bring it back into manageable. On other notes I got a metric ton of books for my birthday and I've been reading through a few. On TV I've been watching Babylon 5 on DVD's from Netflix (into season 2 now) and watching the new series of Doctor Who on the Sci-Fi channel.

Books: I finished The Physics of Superheroes which I enjoyed. It's basic physics stuff - I mean if you know what do to with F = MA then most of it isn't educational exactly, but it's a fun read. I like it, but if you're looking to learn much physics . . . well you might. But if you've had much of a brush with physics you'll know most of it.

I'm about halfway through The Elegant Universe right now. Now this one is educational, unless you're pretty current on your string theory and your quantum mechanics. It stays away from math so it's accessible to basically everyone and it just fascinating stuff. Greene goes through the basic background of relativity (both special and general) and quantum theory and basically crash courses the high points of 20th century physics. And after a few chapters we plunge right into the depths of string theory - and how it emerges from trying to reconcile quantum theory with relativity. Accessibly written and fascinating stuff. Highly recommended.

Tomorrow I'll post some fiction. I've been working on my just-for-fun web serial and my new plan is to post an installment every Tuesday. Tune in tomorrow to meet my gang of silly space pirates!