Darn Script Kiddies

Sorry if you tried to access my site from around 11 PM to 12:30 AM Pacific time on Monday night. I was playing in a Magic Online tournament and at the start of one round some idiot script kiddy was banging the crap out of my net connection - enough so to make playing unfun (and it's not like MTGO is a big bandwidth consumer either). I didn't have time to analyze it, so I just shut the server off. Thanks random guy from Australia!

If somebody knows some easy, straightforward way to throttle down an Apache 2.0 server, drop me a line. I looked at it a bit, and it's not very straightforward - honestly it's probably more trouble than than I really want to undertake. There are some simpler patches for Apache 1.3 but of course Fedora is using 2.0 already. (sigh)