Breaking through Writers Block

Geez. Almost two weeks of non-posting. I have an excuse, sorta. Wizards kicked me back to the chapter outline - rightfully so, but still a setback. The story is absolutely better for the rework but I've noticed every time I work on the chapter outline it's a huge writer's block - I get nothing done while I'm on it. But I sent off a revised outline today, and lo the block is lifted!

Karin is sick, so I spent most of the evening tending to the sick (oh I make a mean chicken noodle soup with homemade turkey stock - colds beware!) but after she crashed I felt the creative juices flowing. I've just finished cranking out part IV of my secret web-serial. When I want to write but not worry about fitting into the Magic style I've been writing on this. Come 2006 you blog readers will begin to thrill to the epic adventures of Captain Jaimie Arcolier - space pirate extraordinaire! Don't believe me? Check this fragment:

The pilot, a young whelp of an ensign stuttered out his call for full thrust. Tammy in engineering flickered into view in a corner of the viewscreen as the <i>Revenge</i> leapt forward. "Full thrust? William? You sure you can handle what I can put out?" Tammy chuckled throatily as the young pilot blushed crimson. Tammy locked eyes with Jaimie and arched an eyebrow. "Seriously Cap'n. How do you find them so young and innocent? You know I love it!"

Jaimie threw her head back in a full-throated guffaw. "Down girl! I promised his Ma we wouldn't hurt him. Get us into grapple in the next minute and I promise you an extra week of shore leave. Hell, I'll go with you. Haven won't know what hit them, but we'll have a full squad of new marines when we launch. That's a Captain's Promise there lassie!"

Tammy tugged a raven forelock in a mock salute. "Aye, aye Cap'n! It's a date!" her screen faded out as William swallowed ineffectually and continued to guide the <i>Revenge</i> into Electro-Grapple range.

That's good stuff there. I like it a lot. And you should all be very afraid, because I realized the perfect soundtrack for this serial - and it is this

Seriously though, this has been my outlet for a few months now. I expect to start posting about 1K words a week in the new year. It's a web serial in the style of the old-tyme sci-fi radio and movie serials. I like it a lot, and Jaimie Arcolier has a lot of fun in her red-haired chassis. I hope you'll like her as well - we'll see next month!

And yes, there is Scottish whiskey involved with this post. Today's post is brought to you in part by Strathisla (and Abba, natch - Take a chance on me!) But most of Jaimie's adventures to date have been written very sober. I'm just giddy to have unlocked the words again. Words - I've missed you!

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