PS3 Date, Price Outed? Plus hard drive discussion

In keeping with the PlayStation business model, PS3 will roll out at a loss for the first six months, then rapidly turn profits on game-license fees. PS3 will be bundled with a selection of preloaded films, TV programs and games and sell for between $300-$400.

Stringer banking on HD strategy for Sony rebound

Seems strange that this many news tidbits would show up in the Hollywood Reporter, but it is right about time for the Sony FUD[] to kick into high gear to combat an Xbox 360 launch. There's some good bits in there about Blu-Ray and why Sony thinks the PS3 will win the HD-DVD format war for Blu-Ray.

I'm somewhat inclined to take the date and price information with a grain of salt, wondering if the reporter misunderstood something. But I'll admit they do seem right on the money - I'd expect Xmas 2006 and $400 myself.

This business about "preloaded films" is a bit murkier. That would seem to imply a packed-in hard drive, whereas a PSP model "here's a shiny new Blu-Ray movie" seems more likely to me.

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