Themepunks Cameo?

However, I'm also told that the title to that land is in dispute and has been in the courts for decades. Can you resolve this for me, Chief ...?""Chief Brian Wannamaker," he said. He was her age, with the leathery skin of a Florida native who spent a lot of time out of doors. "I'm afraid I have no comment for you at this time." Technology | Remixing the shantytown

From the latest part of Cory Doctorow's Themepunks (which is well worth reading - that link will get you to part seven but the first part is available here)

Anyways. "Brian Wannamaker"? Weird coincidence or sordid tale that has not yet been told? You make the call.

(This blog post was made with the drag and droppy goodness of Flock for those who care. Seems pretty cool.)