Here's a very simple transaction: I need a service related to my move. This service might be a satellite dish install, it might be internet, it might be I need some new bookshelves in my office. At any rate I contact your company, I purchase what I need, and I make arrangements for you to deliver/install/connect/whatever the service. I put a little appointment in my calendar so I'm there at the right time to let you in. YOU SHOULD FUCKING SHOW UP AND DO WHATEVER IT IS I ASKED FOR. Why is that so complex? *ESPECIALLY* if the install is for a service that I'm going to generate recurring monthly revenue. Unless you screw it up so badly that I go to a competitor.

DirecTV - I hate you.

SBC - I double extra hate you. (SBC isn't providing my internet - they are just being appallingly ineffiecient at letting somebody else provide it.)

Decor for Less (furniture place in San Jose) - you'll get no more of my business.

In other news, hiddenjester doesn't have to go home, but it can't stay where it is on Friday. Sadly, the EARLIEST I'll get new internet is Monday, and I'll actually be surprised if it works on Monday. So will go dark on Friday for some unknown period of time. Hopefully just a weekend, but I make no promises. I wouldn't necessarily expect to see another post here pre-blackout. I'm being harried on all fronts (alpha/demo madness at work, ongoing ant invasion and other household calamities at home), so resources are pretty thin.

I look forward to crashing the shit out of some cars tonight in Burnout 3. Pikmin 2 is fun, but I've been needing some really violent catharsis, and didn't think to sequester any specially brainless mayhem content away from the packing gods. The Evil Genius demo would be good (and I have it), but I'd have to hook up the PC, and there's another hour or two of annoyance and frustration. (Step 1 - uncover the desk, Step 2 - figure out the PC physical layout, Step 3 - find out which cord is too short, Step 4 - figure out where the closest Fry's is, etc. Too much hassle right now.)