Geek Out!


Being the copyright scalawag I am I sorted out the necessary bits to timeshift episode 1 of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Tertiary Phase" all the way to a CD-R and stashed it for my impending drive home.

Alas, I didn't have any CD-R's handy in the office. So I had to go to Best Buy - where I had to purchase the Star Wars DVD's. And a copy of Dog's Life for PS2. They didn't have Katamari Damacy sadly.

So yeah you got that right, I'm planning on listening to HTTG on the way home, and then probably watching Star Wars. If I could work in some Star Trek and Lord of the Rings it would be the geek hat-trick of all time.

On a more serious cultural note - this HTTG thing is interesting. Follow me here - I'm timeshifting a *BBC radio broadcast* by about a day and a half. Oh, and across the Atlantic and all of North America. If we could ever work out the stupid digital rights nonsense this is just how everything *should* work. Neat!