The post the net ate

So Bwana rags on me for not posting in a while, which is true. I did actually write a post late Saturday night, but I hit the wrong key and closed the browser window that contained it. Which was too bad, because I estimate that it was 8 times more fabulous than I expect this post to be.

I'd expect posting to be light until early September. We close on the house on the 31st, and the movers expect to find everything packed on the morning of September 1st :-) Which is a shame in a lot of ways, because a lot of good stuff is afoot. I'll touch on the high notes, and people can ask about things they are curious about:

- Doom 3, natch

- I'm planning on NOT wiring the new house for networking. In preparation I upgraded from my Netgear 802.11b access point to an Airport Extreme (Apple-speak for 802.11g) base station and an Airport Express in the living room. That was a smart move on my part, because the Airport Express took about three hours of cursing and rebooting to get right. It's plug and play NOW, but getting it there was a pain. In fairness, it worked out of the box, but getting it to work with the Airport Extreme as a range extender (via WDS) was a pain. But it does work now, and I've played the PS2 online over the wireless link. I've also streamed video over it, and I've used the digital audio out from the Airport Express to stream iTunes to the stereo.

- My current IDSL is a paltry 144k down/144k up line. The new house is scheduled to have 6 *MEG* down/768k up. So that makes me feel all tingly. Look for a snappier in September! :-)

- The whole laptop crash took my "cancel my free Xbox live subscription" note with it, so MS managed to charge me for a year RIGHT before my credit card expired :-) So I have a real Live account again now. Debate about whether ESPN NHL 2005 should be purchased on PS2 or Xbox has officially commenced.

- I've almost finished playing through Warcraft III on my Mac, and will commence on the expansion (which I never played on PC). The thing about War III is that it was "free" to me - since I can use the CD I bought for PC back when War III originally shipped. Which is super-cool but it does raise the question about how many other games could I just pull out of the closet, reinstall, and have a blast playing. It's been long enough that it's almost like a brand new game - I don't remember much of the Warcraft III storyline or play experience at this point.