Slightly Tarnished Multiplayer Crown Available

So two interesting notes about multiplayer.

1) I think I'm going to cancel my City of Heroes account. Nothing wrong with the game - it's just that with E3 and my followon TV madness it's been several weeks since I last played. So I can't play with all of the people I had been playing with, I'd need to build a new batch of friends. I'm finding that I'd rather just play Magic Online, now that that's almost stable.

2) Today is when the new Zelda: Four Swords game comes out. And guess what? I'm not going to buy it. After a fair amount of monkeying around I've determined that I know many people who want to play it, but I don't know three people who can agree on a time. As I was trying to juggle schedules I realized that this was the same deal as Crystal Chronicles. Karin was nice enough to play that with me for a while, but I managed to scrap together enough people to try it exactly once. Not a good enough experience to warrant blowing $50. I'm not used to passing over a good multiplayer game, but I think it's time I started . . . .

So anyway, if somebody want to take the title of "Multiplayer King" away, I think I'd plead Nolo contendere.