Where's Timmeh?

Well I'd blame E3 demos - but that's only partially true. Blaming City of Heroes is more accurate. First off, I think CoH is a really good game - a nice fresh take on MMO's. Secondly - it hit a real sweet spot in my gaming psyche. Final Fantasy's leveling system is brutal, and it is really unfriendly to hanging out with friends. Right around the time I figured that all out is when I got access to CoH. So I was still in an online groove, but unhappy with FFXI.

Anyway, if you think you might like CoH I'd recommend giving it a shake. I can post more about why I like it if there's interest. I play on Guardian server, stop by and drop a line to VoidStar. If you promise to be nice he'll even let you join his supergroup - The Sans Pantalones Society. They are protecting freedom and justice - Sans Pantalones!


(BTW, E3 demos are a pain. But all my readers probably already knew that.)